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Seasons of Creation



The season of Creation is part the heritage of mainstream Christian worship. There is no break from the gospel as the core of our faith. Nor do the liturgies reflect a New Age orientation. Christ is at the heart of our celebrations. The cosmic Christ is the new life at the core of creation. In the season of Creation we celebrate Christ together with creation, we face the ecological crisis with Christ, and we serve Christ in the healing of creation.


Themes for the Season are:

Week 1: Oceans

Week 2: Fauna

Week 3: Storm

Week 4: Cosmos

To help you celebrate and engage with the Season:

Parish Bible Study: Care for Our Common  Home

When:  Wednesday 18th September for 4 weeks

Time:    10:15am  and 7:30pm

Cost:      $10 for the study booklet

Sign Up Sheet in the Narthex

At home Bible Study (different to the Parish Study)—a study for each week, following the themes of that week. Copies available in The Narthex to take home. Or go to:

Christian Climate Change Action Kit from Australian Religious Response to Climate Change. Copies available in the Narthex. Or go to:

Find other resources at:

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