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Be still and know that I am God’

Psalm 46:10

The particular Christian Meditation we use is about coming to stillness of spirit and body. Despite all the distractions of the modern world, this silence is perfectly possible for people today. But to reach this stillness we must devote time to the work of silence.

Our Parish has two meditation groups on Wednesdays. We meet in the Sacred Space. One hour of quiet time, teaching and discussion.

3:30pm Ruth Groom 3350 6614

5:30pm Jelita Hutchison 0408 701 892

Useful websites:

Australian Christian Meditation Community

World Community for Christian Meditation




Prayer of the Christian Meditation Community
May this group be a true spiritual home for the seeker, a friend for the lonely, a guide for the confused. May those who pray here be strengthened by the Holy Spirit to serve all who come, and to receive them as Christ Himself. In the silence of this room may all the suffering, violence, and confusion of the world encounter the Power that will console, renew and uplift the human spirit.

May this silence be a power to open the hearts of men and women to the vision of God, and so to each other, in love and peace, justice and human dignity. May the beauty of the divine life, fill this group and the hearts of all who pray here, with joyful hope. May all who come here weighed down by the problems of humanity leave giving thanks for the wonder of human life. We make this prayer through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Be still and know that I am God (Psalm 46:10)


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