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Parish Study for The Season of Creation

Venue: You have the choice of either meeting together at the back of the church or at home via Zoom.

The Material: Free download from ABM:

The COVID 19 pandemic has created a climate for change. It has laid bare inequality and provided a dress rehearsal for what awaits if we fail to address Climate Change and cut our carbon emissions.

Climate for Change is a challenge to take our love and responsibility for the world seriously. Many of us have known for some time that we need not only to ‘care’ but also to ‘act’.

Russell Rollason walks with us through a series of studies that help us realise not only that we can act – but that we must. These studies provide reasons to change and pathways that will allow us to turn our good intentions into concrete, world-saving action.

A Call To Care: A Call to Action: A Pathway to Change

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