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Rev. Nicholas Whereat – Rector

The Rev Nicholas Whereat commenced as the rector of the Church of the Resurrection, the Anglican Parish of Aspley Albany Creek on the 1st of February 2015. Nicholas was born in Tewksbury, England. His father Les Whereat was the assistant Curate at…

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Rev. Peter Lockyer (retired)

The Reverend Peter Lockyer was born and grew up in Armidale, N.S.W., before moving to Sydney in 1956.  Working as a clerk in the P.M.G. and then in the Prime Minister’s Department he lived in the C.E.N.E.F. Hostel, Castlereigh Street and worshipped…

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Rev. Ian McWilliam (retired)

Ian McWilliam Was born in 1956 in Brisbane and grew up in the Northern suburb of Torwood. Upon leaving school in 1961, he joined the Bank of New South Wales and served on both a permanent and relief basis in many Queensland…

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