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Welcome to our Church Community. We trust that our web site will give you some insights into who we are and the hope that is within us. We aspire to be one of the most welcoming and hospitable communities of faith that you will encounter. All are welcome! We would be delighted if you join us for worship.

The Church of the Resurrection is a relatively new Church being consecrated on the 25th of October 1981. Its name speaks of our faith in the resurrection, and it also alludes to the upheaval that came from watching the Church of St Paul at Aspley demolished to make way for the expansion of the Highway on Gympie Road. The new Church, over time, brought together the congregation from Albany Creek with the Aspley Congregation. In 2007 a history of the Church was published, it is interesting to read and discover the journey of the Church to that time. There are still copies available. There is a very short summary here.

The Vision of the Church: Christlike Hospitality

We are still learning what it means to truly be Christlike in our Hospitality. We see this as having two layers. The first being, we hope to welcome all who come to the Church or onto the grounds of the Church will feel very welcome. Secondly we trust that our friendship and welcome will be recognisable in all we do in the wider community. We trust that our welcome communicates the love of Christ Jesus our Lord.

We encourage members of the Church to participate in study groups, our meditation groups or simply to share good food and have fun with other members of the Church. We see this as an important way of building genuine Christian Community.

Come join us for worship or feel free to get involved with one of our groups first if that is easier for you.

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