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You may have heard the news already. SE Qld will be in lockdown from 4pm today for 3 days
So no worship in church and no BBQ. Please use the YouTube link in the newsletter to join me for online worship at 9am

Children’s Video message can be found on the link below.

Welcome to our Church Community. We trust that our web site will give you some insights into who we are and the hope that is within us. Hopefully our website will begin to make you feel welcome and at home in our community of faith. We aspire to be one of the most welcoming and hospitable communities of faith that you will encounter. All are welcome! We would be delighted if you join us for worship.

The Church of the Resurrection is a relatively new Church being consecrated on the 25th of October 1981. Its name speaks of our faith in the resurrection and it also alludes to the upheaval that came from watching the Church of St Paul at Aspley demolished to make way for the expansion of the Highway on Gympie Road. The new Church brought together the congregation from Albany Creek with the Aspley Congregation. We have a great book with the history of the Church if you would like to know more.

Our vision, our vocation is to be “Building a Christian Community”. We understand that to include: Loving God; Practicing Compassion; Encouraging Faith; Pursuing Justice and Embracing the Earth. We recognise that we do some of these things well but we have growth areas as well. Being a community of any kind is messy, as a Christian Community we set ourselves a high bar. All of these various threads are drawn together in our worship week by week and our daily prayer life.

We encourage members of the Church to participate in small groups for prayer, meditation, study, for craft, to sing together or simply to share good food and have fun. We see this as an important way of building genuine Christian Community.

Come join us for worship or feel free to get involved with one of our groups first if that is easier for you.

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